Why the Future of Entertainment is in Podcasting

When it comes to the Media and Entertainment industry, both television and online streaming platforms have dominated the landscape for advertisers and consumers alike. This traditional dominance, however, is shifting. Simply put, podcasts have exploded, and with that so has audio entertainment. Last year there were more listeners than ever before, and the growing popularity of podcasts is also influencing its evolution as a medium.

he Future is NOW…

The way we consume audio content has changed forever. Until recently, audio content has played second fiddle to visual forms of entertainment, but the easily accessible nature of podcasts, coupled with the intimacy offered by the medium has accelerated its growth exponentially. And it’s not just consumers who are loving this newfound way of consuming content. Podcasts are also influencing the ways brands and advertisers market their products and services. Through podcasting, listeners have become more accessible than ever. Marketing options are varied and companies can choose to advertise on shows which best align with their brand and thus target their ideal audience.

PODTV offers the best of both worlds, creating space for even more growth in the industry as it combines our growing love of podcasts with the long revered visual medium, culminating in the world’s first streaming TV channel for podcasts. Learn more about how PODTV has combined the hottest two mediums in digital entertainment and what that means for podcast fans.

Perhaps at the core of its explosion into the mainstream, podcast shows – specifically the intimacy the medium offers to listeners – tap into current consumer trends that demand an emotional connection with brands. According to a report by the Fashion Institute of Technology, 48% of millennials (approximately 50% of all podcast listeners[1]) are more likely to buy from a brand if they know the people behind it.[2]

Podcasts offer us an insight into the lives of people we might otherwise never know, and once we listen to hosts & their guests, we begin to draw similarities and make emotional connections. Take Jordan Harbinger for example – a former Wall Street lawyer who quickly became disenchanted by the perceived allure of climbing up the ladder of Corporate America. His story is one that resonates with listeners across the globe. Today his podcast, The Jordan Harbinger Show, receives over 11 million downloads per month and was selected as part of Apple Podcast’s “Best of 2018.”

[1]https://www.statista.com/statistics/912381/united-states-monthly-podcast-listening-age/#:~:text=Share%20of%20people%20who%20listen,2017%2D2020%2C%20by%20age%20group&text=According%20to%20a%20survey%20held,those%20aged%2055%20or%20above. [2]https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/brace-for-impact-300475027.html

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