TRIGGERnometry: Fighting Back Against Cancel Culture

“Cancel culture is a modern form of ostracism in which someone is thrust out of social or professional circles.” This can be in person, online or on social media, or even from their job, business, and organizations.

“The tactics of cancel culture are based on a totalitarian instinct. …It’s not about redemption, it’s about just constant punishment throughout your life… The entire social justice movement is essentially totalitarian and revisionist.” – Andrew Doyle on TRIGGERnometry

The rise of “cancel culture” in recent years has reached new heights, especially in the wake of the controversies, racial tensions, and pandemic we faced over the past year. From celebrities and public figures, to businesses large and small, the public backlash, often fueled by a politically progressive and divisive media, leaves no one safe from the threat of cancellation.

What does this mean for free speech and democracy?

“One of the things about the culture wars that has been really frustrating is that a lot of people think people in the culture wars want to weaponize free speech but in my view I think free speech has been more a victim of the culture wars than a weapon of it and so I think it has to be reclaimed. …Free speech is not a dirty word, it’s a fundamental bedrock of a free and open democratic society and we should be really confident in articulating that.” – Inaya Folarin Iman on TRIGGERnometry

Is “cancel culture” killing free speech?

Konstantin Kisin, co-host of the TRIGGERnometry podcast fellow comic Francis Foster, believes it is. He recently spoke out against “progressive ‘woke’ or ‘cancel’ culture in an interview with

“This whole ideology is fundamentally about power.”

Kisin went on to cite the punitive, authoritarian nature of the woke, cancel culture movement, saying: “They don’t want to criticise what you do or what you say or engage in debate. They want to punish you and they will do that to achieve their political goals.”

Together Kisin and Foster use their podcast show to fight back against the destruction of free speech and legitimate debate, which are cornerstones to a free and critically thinking society. They also tackle other important topics like economics, drug policy, AI, politics, and more “with the help of presidential advisors, renowned economists, award-winning journalists, controversial writers, leading scientists and notorious comedians.”

“We’re making something we fundamentally believe is very important.” Clearly their viewpoint is shared, as they now average more than 3 million monthly views – and counting.

Find out why so many are tuning in and catch the latest and the greatest as TRIGGERnometry fights the good fight against #CancelCulture, #Censorship, and other #Controversies facing us today!

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