Why We Love Personal Development Podcasts (Plus Tips for Boosting Productivity)

As consumers, we have grown accustomed to the concept of on-demand services. Similar to TV and movies-on-demand, many individuals now think of podcasts as radio on-demand. Podcasts are not simply a replacement for radio. Actually, depending on the genre, Podcasts can often prove more profound and certainly more intimate than typical radio shows – especially when there is a video component. Nowadays, people tune in to podcasts to seek help and advice, discover inspiration, and learn from hosts and their guests alike.

Podcasts for Personal Development

For many, personal development podcasts have become a staple of daily life. In the same way one might watch the news every day to stay informed about current events, many viewers look to podcasts to develop themselves each day. Simply put, personal development podcasts are an easy way to expose yourself to the influences of successful people, their habits, and their experiences navigating through common problems we all face at one point or another during our lifetimes.

When it comes to the personal development genre, the beauty of it is just how expansive the genre is. Personal development podcasts cover, frankly, everything. They can teach us how to change our relationships, increase our productivity, develop healthier behaviors, write better content, improve our finances, provide advice on how to start a business, or shed light on overcoming difficult experiences and challenges.

Take Jordan Harbinger for example – a former Wall Street lawyer who left the Corporate world and became a highly successful podcast interviewer after realizing his passion for building and managing relationships. Today his podcast, The Jordan Harbinger Show, is one of the most successful shows in the Podcasting landscape, with over 11 million monthly downloads. He has successfully applied his knowledge in building relationships to secure many high-profile guests regularly on his show including the likes of Russell Brand and Steve Madden. Whether one is drawn to his rise up the corporate ladder, his ability to build relationships, his experiences in switching career paths, or anything else for that matter, there are multiple areas of his story alone (never mind his guests!), which listeners across the globe can take inspiration from when it comes to personal development.

Tips for Boosting Productivity

As we have outlined, the personal development podcast genre is expansive. There are several topics from a number of fields that can help you become a better person each day. For example, a common theme for many of us looking to attain success is understanding how we can be more productive. Below we’ve compiled some tips that can help you boost your productivity:

  • Get enough sleep (and good quality sleep!)

  • Take care of your body through exercise and maintaining a balanced diet

  • Make "Me Time" a priority

  • Spend quality time with loved ones

  • Do things that bring you happiness

  • Manage stress

  • Spend time in nature

  • Write your goals down

  • Beware of your self-talk

  • Discipline > motivation

The beauty of these tips is that we've picked them up through listening to our favorite personal development and self-help podcasts!

Ultimately, through listening to the experiences of others, personal development podcasts can inspire you through self-discovery, self-care, and gaining knowledge, so that anyone tuning in can gain insight on how to become a better version of themselves. Personal development is about understanding how others deal with challenges so that we are equipped with the tools to overcome our own. This growth mindset and ability to learn from others is a crucial component if we are to improve our own lives. This is why personal development podcasts prove so influential. They can facilitate us to make real changes in our lives - and show us how we can truly make our dreams a reality!

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