Top Podcast Genres: Part 2

Our last podcast industry blog delved into the world of podcast genres, including two of the most popular ones: Self-Help/Productivity and Crime podcasts. But what are the top three?

Society & Culture

Thought-provoking conversations, compelling storytelling, the world’s hottest issues, and at times, a dose of humor, that is the world of society and culture podcasts. Broaden your worldview with the most popular podcast genre, and do it with an extra up close and personal view as PODTV brings you into the studios with top podcasts like Sippin’ the Tea and TRIGGERnometry. Sippin' the Tea is a weekly celebrity and lifestyle driven talk show with Ariane Andrew, WWE star and media personality, and Matthew Dillon, publicist and TV host. The dynamic duo keeps it poppin' and each week is filled with laughs, hot tea and more from each guest that drops by. Ariane and Matthew sip that tea, while celebrities and social media superstars 'spill that tea!'.

Comedians Konstantin Kisin and Francis Foster of TRIGGERnometry create fun-but-serious conversations with fascinating guests, including former Presidential advisors and political experts, leading economists, psychologists, journalists, social and cultural commentators, YouTubers and others.


We could all use a little more laughter in our lives - especially after the past year. Whether you’re on the go or coming home after a long day, comedy podcasts offer an easy way to relax, unwind, and LAUGH! Enjoy amusing interviews, Improv, Stand Up, and more with this uplifting podcast genre.

News & Politics

Daily news, business news, entertainment news, politics, sports news, tech news, news commentary, and industry-specific news - news and politics podcasts have it all! The world moves quickly, and we’re all just trying to keep up. News and politics podcasts offer the latest scoop, with a range of perspectives, insight, and even entertainment. PODTV has no shortage of news and politics in the line-up with shows like Triggernometry and Conversations with Coleman. Both shows offer unique perspectives, delving into the news and politics genre as well as the world of society and culture.

Conversations with Coleman is home to honest conversations with leading intellectuals on polarized issues in the realm of politics, race, and culture in the West. TRIGGERnometry is a free speech podcast that believes in open, fact-based discussion of important and controversial issues.

Now the only question is, which PODTV podcast are you going to watch first?

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