The Growing Role of Video in Podcasting

In a recent Fox Business Network Report, the biggest podcaster in the world was quoted as saying that video podcasting is "the next step, the next evolution of podcasting," and that the podcast industry is forecast to grow 5-10 billion dollars in the next 5-7 years.

The combination of changing consumer sentiments, technology, and an increasingly younger, educated, and more affluent listener base, has led to an evolution in podcasting. There is an ever-increasing shift towards video to create a more dynamic experience for listeners - and rightly so. Consumers are watching more video content than ever before, and video content provides marketers a new angle to promote their brand loyalty and increase sales.

Funnily enough, podcasting and videos historically speaking, have never been a good fit. However, huge technological advancements have changed the visual experience, and the timing of the podcasting boom is primed to take advantage of this. The majority of video content today is no longer consumed on a television or computer screen, but through our portable smartphones. How we consume video content is fundamentally changing, from the traditional home environment of the living room to an anywhere, anytime, and anyplace custom. For brands, the option of visual adverts presents yet another appealing route to engage their target customers and promote their offerings, and media companies around the world know that this means more big bucks.

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