Featuring Shaun Attwood's True Crime Podcast

A double life.

A dramatic downfall.

A lifetime ban from the United States of America.

Shaun Attwood faced 200 years in jail and a Mafia hit on his life for smuggling £10million of ecstasy while living in Arizona. Copping a plea deal, Shaun served almost 6 years in the notorious Maricopa County Jail, during which time he read over 1,000 books and began writing about his experiences. His writing documented the conditions of the infamous prison, including murders by guards and gang members, insect infestations, dead rats in the food, and other human rights violations.

Shaun chronicled the violations on scraps of paper that were smuggled out of the prison and then published online in Jon’s Jail Journal, his anonymous blog devoted to uncovering the abuse at the jail. He went on to publish a book trilogy of his memoirs, and his story was also featured in National Geographic’s Banged Up/Locked Up Abroad episode Raving Arizona.

Now banned from the United States for life, the former stock-market millionaire and Ecstasy trafficker turned podcaster, author, and activist has devoted his life to educating and informing young people, as well as shining a light on the hard subjects that MSM and other shy away from.

Controversy. Conspiracies. Crime.

On his world-renowned podcast, Shaun interviews experts at the forefront of true crime, including ex-cops, ex-cons, crime victims, journalists, authors, ex-guards, and more!

True Crime

Cure your gangsteritis with some of the biggest names in true crime. Shaun interviews ex-gangsters and survivors, as well as true-crime writers, journalists and whistleblowers.


Take a deep dive into the deep state, David Icke and the darker side of the human condition.

Free Speech

Consistently controversial, the podcast never shies away from covering topics the MSM won’t.


Since he wrote his first prison journal entry in Sheriff Arpaio’s jail, Shaun has been campaigning for justice for victims, survivors and prisoners worldwide.

Crime and Punishment stories that will make your butt clench.

Shaun Attwood’s True Crime Podcast is now part of the #PODTV lineup. Catch up on episodes you missed, rewatch your old faves, and stream the latest episodes of this riveting true crime podcast.

Shaun tackles such hot topics as:

  • The Royal Family with David Icke, the Conspiracy Researcher

  • Epstein’s Butler Tells All

  • What Happens to Sex Offenders in Prison?

  • Mafia Hit Man For John Gotti’s Gambino Family: John Alite

  • Jimmy Savile, Jeffrey Epstein, Madeline McCann & Elite Chomo Rings

  • MMA Fighter In UK Prison: Tony Gooch

  • What is a Prison Heart Check?

  • Princess Di's Affairs And Contract Hits - Ex London Cop Jon Wedger

  • Revealing All Names from Jeffrey Epstein’s Black Book

  • What Are Prison Showers Like?

  • Since Andrew’s Royal Protection Cop Reveals All

  • California Rapper Who Confronted Tekashi 6ix9ine: Mr Capone-E

  • Did Bill Clinton Have Jeffrey Epstein Prison Suicided?

  • Hells Angels Assassin In California Prison: John Abbott

  • When Charles Bronson and Dave Courtney Met In Prison

  • £6 Million Bank Robber: Ian ‘Blink’ MacDonald

  • San Quentin Prison, Shootouts and Escape: John Abbott

  • Leicester Bodybuilder In UK Prison: Ramzy Khachik

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