"Even the Podcast is Afraid" Joins the PODTV Lineup

Ordis Studios’ “Even the Podcast is Afraid” joins the PODTV lineup, bringing with it weekly tales of the macabre, the paranormal, cults, serial killers, and more!

Hosted by Jared Ordis, Nick Porchetta, and Samantha Vazquez, this gripping podcast covers the real life and fictional horrors of true crime, the paranormal, and the unexplained. Enjoy you a researched and comedic approach to serial killers, cults, demons, aliens, ghosts, and all sorts of macabre history.

Step into the studios and be transported around the world as they dive into the wild and unexplained, from UFO sightings confirmed by the Pentagon to a naked fugitive rescued from crocodile-infested mangroves, Victorian-era hauntings to robot technology, the "earliest documented serial killers in the United States history,” a cactus smuggler caught with 947 plants strapped to her body, the New England vampire panic, the Doomsday cult, simulation theory, and so. Much. MORE!

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Featured episodes of Even the Podcast is Afraid:

Men in Black Part I: Alien Conspiracy School Side Crime: Floridian Dino

Giant Humanoids Part III: Unearthly Libido Giant Humanoids Part II: Mounds of Possibilities Giant Humanoids Part I: Fe-Fi-Fo-Fum Harpe Brothers: O' Killers Where Art Thou? Side Crime: Dating Satan Dinosaur Cult Part II: Fanatical Dr. Dino Dinosaur Cult Part I: Design-O-Saurus Side Crime: Cactus Smuggler Survival Research Laboratories, SRL: Machines, Music, & Meat The Haunting of Borley Rectory Side Crime: Bushmeat Carny Cult Part II: You 'Ault' Not Mess With Us Carny Cult Part I: Subculture of a Subculture Bela Kiss: The Perfect Kiss of Death Side Crime: Horny No Belt Exorcism of Roland Doe Part II: Fantastical Demonology Exorcism of Roland Doe Part I: Disturbing Imagery Side Crime: Iron Crotch Masters Origins of Krampus: Birch Twigs for Bad Kids

Simulation Theory Part II: Holographic Universe

Simulation Theory Part I: Glitch in the Matrix Side Crime: Castration Cabin

Jeffrey Dahmer Part II: Emotions of Bizarre Desires

Jeffrey Dahmer Part I: The Milwaukee Cannibal

Creepy Pasta: Haunted Bust & The Blood Keeper