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While other services are focused on growing their libraries until every podcast ends up lost in an endless list of options PODTV focuses on giving each of our podcasters the time and attention they need to reach a worldwide audience. 

We aren’t just a streaming platform. We are a partner to our podcasters, and we provide them with the support they need to grow beyond their wildest dreams.

  • Reach over 50 million households via Smart TVs
  • Reach over 20 million people on social media
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  • Gain success is through revenue sharing
  • Get access to targeted advertising with cross-promotion of your show on other PODTV programs
  • Use our state of the art video content distribution, CDN & CMS platform
  • Monetize across your entire catalogue with our VOD Library


  • Audience growth
  • No added production (we take what you have)
  • Incremental revenue
  • Free show promotion across programs
  • Up to 3 times more profitable than YouTube for creators & publishers
  • Multiple weekly Programming slots
  • Ability to promote your merchandise, websites, & social media