Introducing Your New Favorite Celebrity and Lifestyle Podcast: Sippin’ the Tea

Catch celebrities, conversation, comedy, and more on the rising video podcast, Sippin’ the Tea.

Featuring hosts Ariane Andrew and Matthew Dillon, Sippin’ the Tea is one of several podcasts at the forefront of the new video podcast movement, which is why you can now find them on the premier video podcasting platform: PodTV.

With some platforms offering audio streaming only, and others, like YouTube, providing such a broad spectrum of material, it can be difficult for any creator to cultivate a cohesive following. Sippin’ the Tea, despite the roadblocks in the industry, has already risen to the top, with over 140 episodes released and thousands of followers. Now, with the support of PodTV behind the show, there’s no telling how far they’ll go.

Ariane Andrew, a former WWE star and media personality, and Matthew Dillon, a publicist and TV host, are a striking duo as they talk, laugh, and share details of the film, TV, music, and social industries. The hosts have spoken with stars like actress Nina Patel, Pussycat Dolls singer and actress Carmit Bachar, Entrepreneur and bestselling author Andy Frisella, and many more.

Through the show’s newfound partnership with PodTV, Sippin’ the Tea has found a platform where it is able to fully embrace it’s unique label of TV show in addition to Podcast, thanks to the 24/7 linear channel available through the service, which features episodes of Sippin’ the Tea and otherleading podcasts.

In addition to time slots on the PodTV linear channel, viewers can also find their favorite episodes of Sippin’ the Tea to watch for free through the PodTV app. With the promotion, growth, and success of video podcasting at the forefront of the PodTV mission, the new partnership between the platform and Sippin’ the Tea is bound to spell success for the show.

If you haven’t caught an episode of Sippin’ the Tea, now is the time! This incredible show is full of fun times, interesting topics, amazing guests, and two hosts who are sure to become your new favorites by the end of the first episode. After all, who doesn’t love to spill a little tea?

Catch the newest episodes of Sippin’ the Tea by signing up (for free!)

PodTV is available for iOS, android, Google Play, Amazon, and Roku, and provides podcast viewers with a curated library of podcasts in virtually every genre, including true crime, comedy, politics, sports, talk, and pop culture.

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