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“Pistol Pete” Torres from the famed Terror Squad in New York city spent 17 years in jail for a crime he didn’t commit. During that time he became known as the “King of Rikers Island.” Now Pete shares his stories on his exclusive podcast, Dog in the Yard.

Join Pistol Pete as he sits down and dives into some of the most famous and wild stories with others who were incarcerated. Some were wrongly convicted like he was, others are Hiphop royalty, and others are legends of the street like Fat Joe, DJ Khaled, Tsu-Surf, Maino, Chi Ali, TONE SVCCESS, Mysonne, and Bimmy. Whether interviewing celebs or ordinary people, Pete keeps it real 100% of the time.

Watch the gripping tales unfold as Pete interviews real life prisoners and celebs that have done hard time and shares his personal experiences along with his guests amazing stories of how they survived and persevered. These stories are about the challenges of everyday life behind bars and how the broken judicial system makes it virtually impossible to rehabilitate and get out.

Pete’s mission is to inspire America’s youth to avoid the same trappings and mistakes and understand that nothing is worth the hardship and pain of doing time. He tries to pay it forward by having listeners understand crime is not the answer, and get the youth of America to avoid the road he took and walk a different path.

Featured guests & hot topics on the Dog in the Yard Podcast include:

How Losing his Dad Made Him Turn to the Street – Lil Eazy-E

Flesh-N-Bone Talks Dreaming of Being MICHAEL JORDAN to Living in a Mansion to Being in a 6’x6’ Cell

Fat Joe Shares for the First Time His Prison Bid

“Tupac Was My Childhood Friend Before We Got Into Hip Hop” – Outlawz Rap Member EDI Mean

Pistol Pete Takes that Walk Around the Yard with Tsu-Surf

Global Icon DJ Khaled Talks Staying Positive, Supporting Your Family & Friends and Living Your Dreams

“Banging Get You in Jail for a Very Long Time or Dead” – South Central’s Blood Gang Member Kaybe

Chi Ali – This Hip Hop Prodigy Talks Serving a 12 Year Bid then Becoming an Advocate for Youth

Tone Svcess (aka Fibbles) Takes that Walk with Pete from Convict to Successful Entrepreneur

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